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Well folks, it’s all official – I’m now Mrs Tony Laurenson!


My husband and I (isn’t that just so cute) have been working together for nearly 30 years and have been life partners for the past 12 years, but on August 31st at the Registry Office at Chelsea Old Town Hall we finally became Mr and Mrs! Typically my man didn’t get down on one knee, instead – in his own intrepid way – Tony popped the question to me via a text message as he was drinking with a friend who was to be his Best Man!

About 30 family and very close friends witnessed the occasion followed by a mouth-watering lunch in The Ivy Brasserie in Chelsea Gardens, just along the road from the Registry Office. Fab food in their private dining room was the perfect setting for this intimate celebration.


Regular readers know that in our business Global Infusion Group caters parties for celebrities, Festivals and large organisations around the globe, however two days after the official proceedings we hosted our most important and fun gig of all…our own Wedfest! This being the second time around the marital clock for both us, Tony and I wanted to cast aside the normal formalities in favour of a ‘Festival Chic’ occasion with the kind of catering and entertainment we are renowned for.


We invited 250 of our family and closest friends to a spectacular party in the garden of our home near Chesham, and I have to say that my wedding day and our Wedfest were undoubtedly the happiest days of my life. 


In last month’s blog I gave you the full run-down of all the participants who provided support and entertainment. But of course, food and drink, is really close to our hearts!  As professional caterers our Wedfest just had to get those taste-buds salivating…and judging from the comments of our guests, we didn’t disappoint.


For the first part of our Wedfest the chefs from GIG created a range of delicious canapés and dishes to hopefully offer something to suit every palate. 


Our hot canapés consisted of:

  • Braised beef shin croquettes with pickled shallot rings and sauce béarnaise
  • Courgette & guinea fowl ravioli with courgette flower crisps and tarragon jus
  • Crispy quail egg, roast asparagus & hollandaise sauce with shaved truffle
  • Bradley home-smoked mackerel fritter with masala mayonnaise & a lemon zest crumb

Our cold canapés were:

  • Crayfish & avocado anti griddle ice pops
  • Gin cured salmon with tonic gel & beetroot crème fraiche on a homemade dill bagel croute
  • Tomato bruschetta
  • Peppered lamb cannon lollipops with a mint yoghurt dip
  • Punchy prawn cocktail mini cone – mini seaweed savoury cone filled with shredded garden spinach, avocado puree, marinated king prawns and Sicilian lemon espuma

Around our garden we set up food stations on barrels where our guests could sample:

  • Tony’s home reared pork and lamb sausages, brioche and floured rolls
  • Scones & Bonnies homemade jams, clotted cream and fresh berries
  • Peas in pods in wicker baskets
  • Selection of Scotch eggs from farm shop in Hungerford with rhubarb ketchup & selection of dips and chutney
  • Fresh garden crudities with Bonnie’s homemade pesto


For those arriving later and the stalwarts there throughout, we arranged a street market food theme with stalls cooking authentic Mexican, Greek and Indian dishes along with a pudding and chocolate station.


Naturally, for one of our gigs, there was lots of alcohol on tap with our favourite tipple of Gin & Tonic, made with our home-made gin, flowing freely all night along with beers, prosecco and cool cocktails served up from a VW Campervan cocktail bar.


Of course when it comes to a Wedfest like ours much will be determined by your budget. As professional caterers and event planners we naturally have stacks of ideas and a bulging black book of great contacts.  We also have a big garden capable of hosting such a large number of guests. It involves lots of hard work and effort but you really can put your personal stamp on the occasion, and it really is all so worthwhile and satisfying at the end of the day. One of my own personal favourites was our ‘Family Tree’ where we hung pictures of those nearest and dearest to us from down the years…great fun and wonderful memories.


Research for your big day can all be part of the experience too. There’s stacks of fun, quirky and memorable things out there to suit every budget…you just need to look for them. Get Googling!


It also helps to have a wedding planner and a hand-picked team of a few very reliable individuals who can help you organise your event, and also be on hand on the day itself to ensure everything runs smoothly. You must soak up the atmosphere of the occasion and have loads of fun with your guests, it is YOUR party after all!


We had fab support from the crew at GIG and were even blessed with great weather on both days – though being the UK, we did shell out for an additional marquee as a shelter for our guests on the eve of the Wedfest as the weather did look a little unpredictable. That said, it all went off swimmingly – an unforgettable occasion for Tony and I.


Following our wedding celebrations it was back to the real world of business for a few weeks before we head off to South Africa in October for our belated honeymoon adventure.


If you want to find out more about planning the perfect wedding, check out my website


See you next time,

Mrs Bonnie Laurenson! x