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With my wedding fast approaching I have to give my first big shout out to Slimming World for getting me into shape for our big day!  I’m fully focused and bang on track…in fact whilst ordinarily in my line of work I seem to be able to manage everyone else’s world and their events perfectly and leave mine on the way side, for this very special occasion I am actually feeling very relaxed and really looking forward to it. That said, there is a very good reason for how this journey seems to be happily swimming along – and it’s because I am surrounded by some pretty amazing people who are at the very top of their game.


I completely understand that planning a wedding is a huge feat, and one that can easily come with a hefty price tag too, but equally you need to get the balance of the day right, and ultimately not put yourself under an enormous pressure.  You absolutely need to be able to enjoy the day and not be the ‘go to ‘person with all the answers…to impart this to someone else I know is very tricky, but it can be the difference between being the bride or the planner on the day.


There are wedding checklists available on line, or if you can’t see one that suits your taste please give us a shout  We have developed a list that takes you from invites through to the ‘Thank Yous’, and everything in between. Using a list will be your benchmark throughout to see exactly where you are and how your budget is working.


For our special day, we did take a while to figure out how it was going to work – the friend and family ‘onion’ with layers and layers of lovely people we know, and how to include them all (or not!) Also for us it’s the second time around so we didn’t want the big white do as we have both been down that road before. So eventually, from throwing the idea of Gretna Green to Vegas around we finally ended up with the wedding in London and a ‘Wedfest’ party at home two days later with 250 of our closest friends! Okay, so decision and dates made, now to line up the ‘go-to’ people to make it happen!


The actual wedding in London has been pretty simple, once we chose the location and registrar office, and in the knowledge that we were going to party separately, this took away the need to load this day of activities and pressure. For us, and 30 family, and very conveniently only 100 yards from the registry office with its newly opened private room proved to be the most perfect location. Unbelievably decorated and beautifully appointed, this is an amazing venue for any occasion. Fabulous food and with a full range of menus for all budgets, coupled with impeccable service, make this a real diamond in a sea of venue possibilities. Getting there and back will be care of the London cabbies, so with only music, readings and a table plan to have to organise, this whole day is set to be a smooth operation…unlike the Saturday party which has turned into somewhat of a show!


Outside of the ‘make it happen’ list is one other pretty important bit I needed to get right, and probably the one piece that I was worried about the most…the dress! I ummed and ahhed about what shape this was going to take but after meeting the super wonderful Ceri at all my concerns were flushed away. An hour and a dozen dresses later I was sorted…no traipsing around shop after shop, (not really my idea of fun and also I would have struggled for the time) so to have someone who worked you out from the second I set foot in the shop, who was really honest in pointing out that I wasn’t Twiggy, and nor was I the right side of 30, Ceri was exactly what I needed. In fact, I felt so comfortable and confident that my dress fear instantly disappeared. I came away thinking that I really hoped that I make my clients feel like that when I meet them to plan a party or wedding.


‘Wedfest 2017’ has now taken on a whole theme of its own, obviously inspired from the festival feel, but this fun and casual way to celebrate has so many options and choices to pull from. An hour on Pintrest, and a google will overload you with creative thoughts and ideas. We didn’t want the formality of a sit down event, and to be honest, not the cost, we chose to have more friends than go over the top on food and drink…this is unusual for us but having already had a fabulous meal this option worked as an alternative.


First stop a tent…and for our theme we had to look no further than In one conversation, we had the lion’s share of the structure and technical part all taken care of. Edd, who is running the show for us on the day, made what could have been a complicated brief as easy as possible. This is a really good example of allowing someone to take on more responsibility for you. On the day he will be the person who will glue all the separate parts together, he is now the font of all knowledge about making the day happen …and questions will be pointed at him and not me!


Entertainment, where do you start…and then where do you stop? Very luckily for us, being in the events world, we have seen lots of great entertainers, and to keep the festival vibe going we wanted to have a few different types of entertainment so please have a look at this…just great and a little different too!  I know when you say magician, it can conjure up lots of images and ‘we’ve seen it all before’ thoughts – but Dee is one of the very best I have ever seen! To make sure that all our guests are looking the part and also embracing the festival feel we have added a little sparkle from,uk and as well as delicious canapes that are all being made from our crop in the veg patch we have for those who like a taste of the sea.


To really get the party started are going to get us all together and then a little rendition from will add a certain style to the evening and for those still standing will have our guests booging into the small hours. For the food we have a few fab food trucks coming in, there are loads to choose from, all really great, and for the drinks, buckets of beer, wine and fizz should wash everything all down well!


All-in-all we’ve got an action packed day planned. We have a schedule for everything, and I have a small army of smiley servers to make sure that it all swings along. I have imparted EVERYTHING to my number 2 and I am really looking forward to it…and even if it rains that works with the theme too!


Taking on a theme for a wedding I think can be such a really great idea, the feedback we have had from when the invitations and wristbands first went out in the post has been great. With festival chic being our dress code, that too is up for interpretation…I am sure we will have every attire from wellies to daisy chains! And all pictures will be captured by  So, the next question…where to go on honeymoon?

But more of that next time, until then party on!