Whether it’s a birthday party in a green field site, a private wedding or launch of a new product, with 25 years under our belt of creating unique and memorable moments for our guests, we have the expertise to exceed all expectations rather than just meet them.

Our approach to conceiving the perfect event is simple:

We start with you, add a blank page, a pencil, a generous glug of creativity and loads of event know-how and see where the journey takes us…



Managing Director


Bonnie May is an internationally renowned events guru. 

Hitting the road aged just 19 to head up catering teams on tour with top bands and performers, for ten years Bonnie honed her organisational skills and culinary creativity for music industry legends such us Frank Sinatra, James Brown and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Joining the award-winning Chesham-based Global Infusion Group (GIG), Bonnie has now been feeding many of the biggest names in show-business and catering major functions around the world for 30 years.  In her role as Global Operations Director, Bonnie works on events across the globe and GIG’s established international offices in the United States, Middle East and China.

From organising the catering for tours by leading bands such as Coldplay and Iron Maiden to catering Olympic Games in London and Rio, Bonnie’s unbeatable expertise is limitless. From the biggest festival, Glastonbury, and catering international exhibitions and product launches, Bonnie is also renowned for personal innovative fine dining. Her own enterprise, Bonnie May Food & Events, was launched in 2015 to bring her wealth of knowledge to creating world class weddings, parties and corporate events for a local audience throughout the Chilterns and Home Counties.

Bonnie along with Christine and the team will be wowing brides, party organisers and corporate clients with functions planned and delivered to the highest standards under the Bonnie May Food and Events brand.


Events Director


How long have you been working in the events catering industry?

I worked for 10 glorious years in events and hospitality with some amazing chefs and inspiring restaurateurs in the USA. Working between NYC & Martha’s Vineyard for celebrities, politicians and socialites from all over the world.


 Most exciting event you’ve worked on and why?

Worked on a private party for President Clinton back in 1999. Exciting times. Charming, polite and very funny.


Tell me something fun or wild that you’ve done in your life?

Climbed an active Volcano in South America, got lost in a coffee plantation in India and gate crashed a private party for Prince (the purple one!)


Why do you like working for BMFE?

Creating and planning bespoke events from a little seed of passion to a tree of beautiful possibilities!


Executive Chef


How long have you been working in the events catering industry?

I’ve worked in the events catering industry for 11 years but a chef for 21 years.


 Most exciting event you’ve worked on and why?

Summer Olympics Rio – love working in a different country with people from different cultures.


Tell me something fun or wild that you’ve done in your life?

Worked on Coldplay and Take that’s world tour which was incredible!


Why do you like working for BMFE?

It’s a team effort here and that’s what I really love, working with people who are just as passionate about their jobs as I am. It’s what makes me come into work every day. Also a lot of the events I work on are for clients that invite us back time and time again; that’s very satisfying for me and my team of chefs.