Max Palfi

Our drinks expert

Max has been working in hospitality for over twelve years and is owner and founder of the highly successful The Cocktail Broker. He loves nothing more than getting behind the bar, looking after his guests, and creating amazing cocktails. Lucky enough to have travelled the world honing his craft, Max has worked in some of the finest bars and restaurants that Cyprus, The Bahamas, Florida, Miami, West Palm Beach, Rhode Island and New York have to offer. His travels also included a stint on the Carnival Cruise Lines. Settling in England four years ago, Max joined the Bonnie May Food & Events team earlier this year and is now injecting every ounce of his experience, skill and passion into every fabulously delicious cocktail he makes, ensuring that all our guests have an incredible time. From home deliveries to lavish garden parties, Max will tailor his service to meet your needs.